When individuals are charged with a driving under the influence, they are facing a dilemma that may substantially affect their life forever. Ranging from incarceration to having a lifetime criminal history, a conviction for DUI can destroy a career, ruin relationships, and eliminate one's chance at obtaining employment. Selecting a DUI attorney is one of the biggest decisions an individual may make and substantial consideration should be employed to determine whether or not the attorney truly has the skills, training, knowledge and resources that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

Importantly, just because one is charged with driving under the influence does not mean one is guilty of such a crime and individuals wrongly burdened with a false DUI arrest have a variety of legal routs available to getting the DUI charges dismissed. For example, breathalyzers and blood tests are not always calibrated correctly and, thus, produce a driver's blood-alcohol level to be higher than it actually is. Also, the "objective symptoms of intoxication" are not always signs that a driver's BAC is at a level warranting a DUI conviction. In other words, the methods the government uses to charge and convict drivers are not foolproof and those charged are completely within their rights to challenge these tactics. However, selecting an attorney to handle your DUI case is the genesis to defending your rights, reputation and your livelihood. Countless attorneys handle DUI cases. But, only a very small percentage have the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases. In researching an attorney to defend against a DUI charge, it is important to investigate what skills and experience an attorney has achieved and whether such attorney is a member of any DUI-defense organizations such as the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. Members of this Association are recognized as having received advanced level training on the strategies that win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial. Further, it is important to get an attorney involved early because the legal system can be complex and confusing. If you have a DUI related case, it would be recommended to consult an attorney who is an experienced DUI attorney and capable of defending drivers charged with driving under the influence.

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